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We specialize in building solutions to complex problems, such as integrating legacy systems with modern technology & automating critical product workflows.

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In just the short amount of time since starting on the FlutterFire project, Invertase have made a tremendous amount of progress, including a new set of Core, Authentication, and Firestore plugins that provide new functionality and align the APIs more closely with other Firebase SDKs.

In addition, Invertase have created a whole site of Flutter-specific documentation for each of the Firebase plugins that includes installation instructions and code snippets for common scenarios, as well as a migration guide to help you move your code to this new version. And finally, in addition to all of that great work, this release represents 300+ issues resolved and 80+ pull requests merged.

Chris Sells
Sr. Product Manager at Google on Flutter

Case Studies

Our public projects helps thousands of developers around the world.

React Native Firebase
React Native Firebase

An Open Source library connecting thousands of React Native applications to Google's Firebase platform.

  • 8+ Million Downloads

    The library has been downloaded over 8 million times by developers, with an average monthly download total of 500k+.

  • Open Source Software

    The library developed publicly on GitHub since 2015, with all code & documentation being openly available for external contributions.

React Native Firebase
Firebase Extensions


Our products are built from scratch to help the development ecosystem.

A fully open source, free, zero configuration website which generates beautiful documentation with zero configuration. Built from the ground up to help Invertase effortlessly create documentation websites with minimal effort.


Notifee brings the power of native Android & iOS notifications to React Native. With full support for rich notifications, trigger based APIs, background jobs & in-depth documentation. Notifee is the go-to solution for apps requiring complex notification features.

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