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What is #

In July this year we introduced, an open source project which allows you to create instant documentation with zero configuration. provides a pain-free solution to documentation, letting you focus on the content of the documentation rather than the details of its setup, generation, and hosting.

Local Preview Mode #

In the past, to preview your documentation, you'd have to first set up a github repository and then commit all your markdown files. If you wanted to edit something, it would take another commit to the repository. Previews were possible for pull-requests, but for bulk-writing documentation and quick fixes this was not ideal.

We're excited to announce a feature that makes writing documentation with even easier: Local Preview Mode!

Local Preview Mode allows you to write up and edit your documentation locally without needing to commit then push changes and without needing to download any local packages or tools. What's more is it also includes a hot-reload feature, so changes you make to your local markdown will be reflected in your browser as you make them!

Note that local previews are currently only available with Chromium based browsers, and some features (such as PR previews) are not yet supported.

To try it out, navigate to, press 'Select Directory', and choose your local directory containing at least a docs subdirectory and a file docs/index.mdx.

How does it work? #

Local Preview Mode makes use of the new File System Access API. This API is currently only supported in Chrome.

The File System Access API allows interaction with files on a user's local device. The user provides permission for the browser to access a directory handle.

Development #

We're actively working on, which has now been adopted by exciting projects such as Go Router. Local Preview Mode is considered a beta feature of, and we welcome any issues and suggestions (for this or in general) submitted through our Github repo.

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