Notifee - now free and open source

Notifee - now free and open source

When we first started building Notifee over two years ago it became immediately clear it would not be sustainable for us at the time to build a well maintained & documented notifications library whilst keeping it free and Open Source.

It was a difficult decision for us to make a paid library since Open Source has always been a driving principle for us at Invertase (and the very reason we founded Invertase); but at the time it was the right decision for us and allowed Notifee to grow into the product it is now.

Since then Invertase has grown significantly to the point where we can now sustainably continue in the upkeep of Notifee, at our own expense; therefore as of today we are making Notifee free for everyone and fully open sourcing the project on GitHub.

Licensing validation has been removed from the latest releases of Notifee - it is recommended to update your dependencies to use the latest version.

What does this mean for Notifee? #

There's many benefits for Notifee being a fully open source project but in particular we like that:

  • everyone can now use it for free and as many times as you want,
  • its full source code is available under the Apache-2.0 open source license,
  • it's now easier and quicker to release more reliable updates since the complexity of multiple repositories mixing private code & public code is no longer an issue,
  • and it's now open to community contributions; many people have asked to contribute or have access to Notifee Core to be able to debug issues or understand how it works; now you can.

I just purchased a license! #

We appreciate your support in purchasing a license from us - it's not gone to waste, and we've invested all license fees back into improving the product itself.

Having said that, we also appreciate you may feel disheartened that you've just purchased something that you could have got for free - so we are offering full refunds for purchases since 1st September 2021 - please get in touch with us here to request a refund (please include the email address you used to purchase the license and the date you purchased it).

Future of Notifee #

We have many features and updates planned for Notifee in the coming months including support for new platforms. We'll be working on these out in the open on GitHub so take a look at the new repository and give it a 'Star' to follow along with the updates.

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